#IbizaSabor18: History, tradition, culture, creativity and emotion

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“It’s pig slaughter time”

The Consell Insular d’Eivissa and Pimeef are organising the #IbizaSabor Autumm Gastronomic Days from 15 Octuber to 2 December, with the traditions linked to slaughtering and its products and signature dishes as the highlights.

The novelties of the eighth event include the holding of the “I Concurs de Mels de les Illes Balears” (1st Balearic Islands Hooney Contest), in collaboration with the Associació d’Apicultors d’Eivissa (Ibiza Beekeepers’ Association).

It is a time when the island’s oli mills are running at full capacity and it is the moment to experience Ibiza’s new oil harvest festival with a journey from the old “trill” to the modern oil mill, where cultural heritage and traditions are kept alive.

In collaboration with the Agrupació de Defensa Vegetal i Sanitària de l’Olivar d’Eivissa (Oli d’E) (Ibiza Plant Protection and Olive Oil Health Association), for the first time, all the restaurants taking part with a menu will offer tastings of local oils at the table, thus helping to spread the quality and culinary value of local brands.

All these seasonal products, together with the fish and the vegetable garden, offer the opportunity to enjoy an autumn full of flavour, with the chance to taste traditional dishes and also the most innovative variants, always accompanied by the wines from local wineries and local liqueurs.

In the leading gastronomic event o the island of Ibiza, not only will you be able to taste menus for 25 Euro and tapas for 7 Euro, but there will also be various events, free of charge, which transform Ibiza’s cuisine into a great festival combining flavours, traditions, culture and emotions.

Enjoy autumn in Ibiza: Discover the culinary history of the island and savour a unique culinary experience.