#IbizaSabor18: History, tradition, culture, creativity and emotion

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54 restaurants participatein the gastronomic springdays of Ibiza Sabor

The Island Council and Pimeef are the dual organizers of Ibiza’s touchstone gastronomic event: Spring Days #IbizaSabor18, which will be held from 6th April to 27th May, with the participation of 54 restaurants from all over the island – a record number for this event, which in 2018 is entering its seventh year.

Within the framework of these feted days, on 14th May, the 3rd Professional Forum for Mediterranean Gastronomy will take place, a key date for chefs and food producers from the Pitiusan and Balearic Islands. This year the event will be distinguished by the presence of Ángel León, of three-Michelin-star fame for his restaurant Aponiente in Cádiz.

Coinciding with the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the dishes that comprise Ibiza’s traditional gastronomy as well as some innovative new twists on those ancestral recipes will be very much in the limelight. This event is organized twice a year, once in spring (April/May) and once in autumn (October/November) in honour of the island’s culinary roots.

The variety of sea grass known as Posidonia constitutes a veritable underwater forest between Ibiza and Formentera. It is, in fact, the most extensive meadow of thistype in the world and is home to a rich marine biodiversity. Unfortunately, this millenarian ecosystem is under threat fromboat anchors, the dumping of waste andother irresponsible attitudes, despite the fact that it was declared a World HeritageSite by UNESCO in 1999.

The Forum for Mediterranean Gastronomy, with Chef del Mar as a special guest, supported by the attendance of other national chefs, several representatives of the Balearic Islands and the specialized gastronomic media will provide a new opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of this inter-island Posidonia meadow and highlight its extraordinary biodiversity.

Meanwhile, enjoy Ibiza’s traditional dishes such as “bullit de peix”, “guisat de peix”,“borrida de rajada”, “arròs de matances” and “sofrit pagés” as well as its sweetdelights. Some, like “flaó”, boast a medieval pedigree.

As components of the different menus and tapas offered by the 54 participating restaurants, the products of the land also take centre stage in #IbizaSabor18 – from local sausages and meats, to agricultural produce, including our extra virgin olive oil (which may be sampled at certainvenues), not to mention the herb liqueur sand wines from local wineries.

#IbizaSabor18 creates apassionate opportunity:

That of discovering Ibiza’s gastronomic and cultural heritage along with the products that arise from the land, nurtured by the valuesand way of life of our ancestors.

Discover Ibiza’s great treasure:its gastronomy.

#EivissaSabor18: History, tradition, culture, creativity and adventure