Saffron: Ibiza red gold

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Visit to Can Joan Fornet farm where Ibizan saffron is cultivated and also seasonal vegetables.

Date: 17.11.2019
Location: Can Joan Fornet (Buscastell)
Time: from 4.30 pm to 6 pm (55 people).

Las jornadas gastronómicas de otoño continúan hasta el 5 de diciembre en 51 restaurantes de la isla. Para más información:


III Ibiza Olive Oil Fest

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Visit to Sant Joan olive oil mill: olive oil tasting with Mariano Tur (president of the association) and Glenda Graziani (historian and archaeologist). XIV Oil Festival in Es Trull de Can Pep de Sa Plana. In cooperation with the Agrupació de l’Olivar d’Eivissa (Ibizan olive grove association).

Date: 09.11.2019
Place: Sant Joan olive oil mill and Can Pep de Sa Plana (Buscastell).

Time: from 4 pm to 6 pm (55 people).

III Ibiza traditional cooking workshop (Christmas desserts)

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III Ibiza traditional cooking workshop (Christmas desserts)
Date: 02.11.2019
Place: Can Planetes Interpretation Centre (Santa Eulària des Riu).

Time: from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm (25 people).


-Catalina Riera from Ca n’Alfredo (“salsa de Nadal”)

-María Marí from Can Serra and Antonia Torres from Can Cova Camp (“bescuit”)

-María Ribas from Can Corda (“torró pagès”).


Traditional Cooking Workshop

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Traditional Easter cooking workshops, tasting of the dishes prepared and other local products and visit to the ecological farm.
– 1ST GROUP: “flaó” (cheese and spearmint cake) workshop
– 2ND GROUP: “cuinat” (dish with several types of vegetables) workshop

Date: 20.04.2019, 10.30 am to 14,30 pm

Location: Finca Can Musón (Santa Eulària)



 “Cooking the landscape: heritage and innovation”

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Under the slogan “Cooking the landscape: heritage and innovation”, the Consell d’Eivissa and PIMEEFhave organised the spring event Ibiza Sabor 2019, now in its 12th year, which focuses on the promotion of the island’s products. It runs from 5 April to 31 May and offers the possibility of trying gourmet set menus for €25, which can be accompanied by wines from the island (price not included), and tapas for €7, with a glass of local wine included.

The use of fish no longer used in haute cuisine, but very tasty, such as picarel, black sprat, mackerel, boga (headstander fish) and hake, provides a new incentive in this year’s event; these are species supplied by the Fishermen’s Guilds of the island and whose consumption is part of the support for local produce and the sustainability of the Mediterranean.

Other featured products are the island’s oils, sausages, liqueurs, fruit and vegetables, honey and all the geographical designations and quality labels that appear on these pages.

The 4th Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum will be a key moment of this event. It will be held on Monday 15 April and will be a great opportunity to enjoy the sight of great chefs from our country working with products from Ibiza. It will also be a time to discover what culinary novelties the island has to offer for the 2019 season.

When people choose their holiday, they often ask themselves what the culinary specialities of their chosen destination are and in which restaurants they can enjoy them at their best. Travellers seek these authentic dishes and products for a very specific reason: trying them represents an experience that will be an essential part of their memories of the trip.

Ibiza is a small and beautiful island that is home to genuine culinary treasures that are often unknown; dishes that are an essential part of the culture of the island, such as “bullit de peix” (fish stew), rice with picarel and cauliflower, mixed meat rice, “sofrit pagès” (fried meat and vegetable dish) and “flaó” (cheesecake), among many others.

Each destination has its own signature dishes and a characteristic flavour that identifies it. But what does Ibiza taste like? It is amazing to discover how, on the island, a fish, a piece of meat or a fruit, similar in appearance to those of any other location is capable of producing indescribable gastronomic pleasure from the first mouthful.

The reason lies in the sea, the land and the rich biodiversity, which cannot be compared with those of any other place. For this reason, it is important for the traveller to be aware of details such as the meaning of the ‘Peix Nostrum’ label, which guarantees the Ibizan origin of the catch, its traceability and the care of the fishing grounds to avoid overfishing.

Cuisine, in short, is a vehicle for transmitting culture, customs, traditions, landscapes, ways of life, values and, of course, flavours and emotions. The main objective of this event is precisely to highlight the richness of this world of sensations and ensure that no traveller leaves the island without discovering and enjoying the dishes and products that make us unique.